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Can I get a Mobile Application for my business?

We at Tech92 are currently involved in researching native & cross-platform mobile applications for various mobile operating systems and for various industries/ verticals. We are committed to deliver our vision of providing world class IT services and solutions to our clients across emerging devices and mediums like tablets and mobile smart phones. We help our clients create and launch a cloud enabled mobile presence for their Business, therefore reaching out to a wider more tech-savvy audience. Please submit the information requested in the following link

Can we make additional functions to our application?

Yes: if you want to make additional functions like Click-to-Call,  SMS , we will make necessary changes to you app so that every customer/consumer can easily contact you at any time.  Tech92 will assure you a world class mobile app with best User Interface.

What type of services are offered by you in addition to the app development?

In addition to the app development, our technical team will provide the guidance on present market strategies from time to time.

How can we send push notification to our customers who are subscribed to our mobile app?

If you are looking to notify your customers on special offers or events, your mobile app allows to you send push notification to all your customers irrespective of any OS device. No worry. Tech92 will  provide you the best app management system.

How can we Update our mobile app?

If you need to change the content of your app (or) the services you offered,  we will give you access to update the content through content management system.

How long does it take to get a mobile app?

Once you  have approved the app,  we will publish the same in all the app stores in different Markets like Apple, Android and Windows etc.,

How much does a mobile app cost?

It depends on the number of products and services offered by an organization.  As it needs frequents updates and maintenance, we will submit a detailed quotation,  after  discussing with you.

How can A mobile app help us to develop our business?

More and more of our interaction online occurring through mobile devices.  This is a new type of simple access to the consumers, to buy goods and services from their phone.   Set up  a mobile app / mobile website will definitely help you to capitalize the present market. Mobile app creates a direct market to the customers through in app message. It will allow the consumers to contact your business quickly and easily.

How can we register domain name for our company?

Tech92 offers the domain name registration. You can search the available names   and submit the registration information through our domain registration page.

How you support updating the website?

We will support the client in updating the website. We also provide an online content management system through which you can update products/ pages/ information /news about your company.  We will also provide you the functionality to update the entire products catalogue using spread sheets.

Do we need to maintain database?

It depends on the volume of the information to be displayed on the website. We suggest you to maintain database built in your design, if you have many products and services.  Our Technical experts will interact with the client and explain how the database will work with the website and make certain changes to suit the specific requirement.

Are there any hidden charges during the implementation process?

No. We will submit a detailed quotation after discussing the requirement of the client. Once you have placed the order, we strictly adhere the quoted price.

Is our web site support every browser?

Yes! Your web site supports each and every browser irrespective of any operating system. We will design the website keeping all the web browsers in mind.  Before publishing the website, we will test it in all the browsers and make necessary resolution settings.

If our website search Engine friendly?

Yes! Tech92 always develop the websites keeping the search Engines in mind and make necessary changes whenever required basing on the guidelines of the search engines.

What is the cost for the development of a website?

Cost involved in development of a website varies on the complexity of the website. We will discuss all the requirements of the client before submitting a detailed quotation. Tech92 assures the best and economical package for the website development with top class Website appearance.

Why should we choose Tech92 for Website development?

Tech92 is an established IT consulting firm that have been delivering projects to Small, Medium and Large Organizations.  Our Team of Experts have deep understandings of web site requirement and knowledge of present market trends.  We provide optimum support to our clients in understanding the present market strategies for overall development of their business.

What is the time Frame for website development?

The time we take for the development of a website depends on the complexity of a particular site.  We will work hard to meet the deadlines and provide full support to
our clients in launching the website on time.

What is the support you provide after launching the web site?

Tech92 offer full support to any web site we design.  We are always available to help you, if the website encounters any problem, or to make certain enhancements time to time.

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