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MyHealth Social

about project

Sep 10, 2014

MyHealthSocial is a healthcare web portal created for people as patients to keep track of their health using a health journal, find and maintain resources that are helpful to manage their health, and add friends to be part of their health social network to seek and provide health support to each other.
A health community is formed automatically when any patient adds a health condition to their profile and will become part of the community of that health condition. Providers (doctor practices, hospitals etc) can create their profiles of doctors, services, support groups and clinical trials as resources to be available to MyHealthSocial users to get engaged and pass as references to each other in their communities. It is free for patients.


used skills

Html Design Javascript PHP MySQL



MyHealth Social


launch the project


Case Study

Tech92 partnered with MyHealthSocial in pioneering an innovative web based document management system, content management system for the website.

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